It is your friend, your guard, your dog
you are his life, passion and his leader
he will be all yours, faithful, until last beat of his heart.


My name is Ela, the poem above describes the whole meaning of having a dog with the personality of Bichon Frise.

In 2005 when for the first time Dolores came to my home, she instantly became a member of our family. Since then I have decided to breed a family of Bichones.

I couldn’t imagine my life now without these beautiful dogs, they are like a balm to our hearts. They are the most good natured dogs I have ever met.

I am dog breeder and I just do my first steps in this field, all I desire is that the dogs I breed go to a suitable, loving home.

I would like to bring this breed to your attention as it has been rare for years and just recently come back to our country.

Please feel more than welcome to see our recent achievements and pictures.

Best Regards,